Ziggy Marley - A fire burns for freedom [The Wild Free Singles - Descarga Gratuita]

Ziggy regresa 6 meses después con la serie de 'The Wild Free Singles' con la que intenta saciar su necesidad de componer y publicar entre disco y disco. El primer single elegido fue African Land que interpretaba junto a su hermano Stephen y a Angelique Kidjo. En esta ocasión trae un nuevo single para descarga gratuita llamado A fire burns for freedom" aka Wild and free

Escucha el single online y descárgalo de su web facilitando un email para recibir el enlace de descarga:

"Hi friends,
This next song in the Wild and Free Series speaks for itself there isn't much I can say it's called "a fire burns for freedom" aka wild and free.
I would love if everyone enlightened themselves on the many uses and benefits of the plant . A plant that if utilized to its full potential will greatly benefit humankind in the many different aspects of our lives and existence.
I have been quite surprised in my travels to realize that those who I have come in contact with seems oblivious to the "other" uses of this amazing gift that has been given to us. I know it's only a lowly weed, the simplest and usually the most hated form of plant life, after all what can a simple weed offer people. It's not as romantic as a rose, nor as celebrated as tobacco or hops neither does it have the connections of oil or corn but its uses are one zillion times more beneficial to all of us than is known or told.
Please enjoy "a fire burns for freedom" aka wild and free responsibly.

Love power. We talk soon 

Dub Kweli - Talib Kweli on Reggae/Dub Riddims - Descarga Gratuita

Simplemente me encantan los mashups que juntan lo mejor de dos mundos. Si primero le tocó a Mos Def  con aquel Mos Dub que ya publiqué hoy os traigo a Talib Kweli gracias una vez más a Max Tannone y de manera gratuita, poco coste, mucha calidad.


PD: Ha sido una larga ausencia veraniega y otoñal pero TPD vuelve a las andadas ;)

[Video] Rapsusklei ft. Alba "Siempre"

Hace unas semanas presentaba el primer video del primer single del nuevo LP de Rapsus Pandemia. Aquí llega el segundo junto con Alba, se trata de 'Siempre'.

[Video] Sister Carol - Dread Natty Congo

Impresionante la Sista :)

[Descarga Gratuita] Homenaje a Guru - The Gifted Unlimited Mixtape - A Salute by Frankie Boxcutta

Un trabajado y merecido homenaje a Guru a modo de sesión de la mano del holandés Frankie Boxcutta con el siguiente tracklist:

Guru & Premier In Deep Concentration
All 4 Tha Ca$H
You Know My Steez
You Know My Steez (Epiloque)
Gotta Get Over (Taking Loot)
Salute  Pt. 2
What I’m Here 4
Royalty (Live @ 013 Tilburg Mic Check 2004)
1/2 & 1/2
The Militia II (Remix)
For You
No Shame in My Game (As requested by Tenshun)
Words I Manifest
The Mall
What You Want This Time? (The Phone Call)
Take It Personal
Soliloguy of Chaos
Rite Where U Stand
Code of the Streets
Remainz of DWYCK?
The ? Remainz
Tha Squeeze
Full Clip
Mass Appeal
Speak Ya Clout
Hall of Fame (Live @ 013 Tilburg Mic Check 2004)

Una muy buena selección descargable gratuitamente desde lijn5.com